we are an intersectional production studio and safe space.

We created this space out of the necessity of our own lived experiences as QPOC creatives trying to navigate a system that is not built for us.



Founder, Business Director

"I lasted exactly 2 months as the number 10 employee at start up corporation backed by Y-Combinator before I realized that there was no amount of money and security that would be worth the things to which I'd be complacent. Holyrad is the love child of my hatred of the status quo and my unwavering belief in the Youth, the Future, and the Arts."



Studio Director

“It’s really important to me that I’m creating a sense of community for people of color, for +LGBTQ identifying artists or anyone who’s marginalized in this industry. This concept of safe space within Holyrad requires more than our physical studio, it needs an emotional and mental support system that should always be reflective of our mission.”