Whatever you envision, we bring to life here.


Holyrad Studio is a creative agency and production studio
revolutionizing freelance culture by providing affordable access to space, equipment, and resources.

Whatever you envision, we want to help you bring to life.

No matter who you are or where you are coming from

we all deserve a seat at the table. 




Freelance Workforce - By 2020, freelance workers will likely make up 40% of the U.S. workforce.

Millennial Workforce - as of 2018, 56 million millennials are in the workforce, making them the largest generation in the US workforce.

Millennials Are in Debt - Over 44 million Americans hold a total of $1.4 trillion in student debt.

the reality

Too many are left out of participating in the economy*

Too many cannot afford a seat at the table


We believe that sharing is the key to solving this problem.



Cost of Holyrad Studio in NYC

$0.26 per square foot a month

per square foot a day

Average Cost of Studio Space in NYC

$4.79 per square foot a month

15¢ per square foot a day

our team

Elena Franco Holyrad Studio Research and Development

Elena franco

Head of research + development

Growing up with dyslexia, Elena never fit into any boxes. Despite not learning how to read until the age of twelve, she graduated cum laude from law school and has joined Holyrad as the head of research and development. As somebody who is very passionate about academia, research and societal issues, working with creatives to build a system that empowers everyone to succeed, in turn rewrites the narrative that you are valuable because of your experience, not despite it.

Daryl Oh Holyrad Studio Founder CEO

Daryl Oh

Founder + CEO

Daryl Oh left a successful career in fast-fashion  to pursue her dream as a freelance photographer. In the pursuit of her personal fulfillment she encountered a systemic problem; options for creatives, like herself, to work outside of corporate structures are few and inaccessible to most.
Recognizing that communal resources make alternatives paths to success attainable, she founded Holyrad Studio. We all  deserve the option to bet on ourselves regardless of circumstance.

Saskia de Borchgrave Holyrad Studio Operations and Conent

Saskia de borchgrave

operations + content director

Saskia was told she needed a million dollars to be a successful creative, when she realized all it comes down to is the willingness to share resources, share ideas and share space. No one mentioned to her the transformative power of having access to a space that fights to showcase all ideas and all talent; that no one, no group or corporation, can defy what we achieve at Holyrad, as we strive to keep the creative playing field equal.