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Meet with our Founder/CEO, Daryl Oh, in her Creative Clinic, Project MGMT, to create your roadmap to success. Daryl is an expert in building back-end operating systems for small businesses, and can answer all your questions in managing multiple projects, expanding your team, and growing your business.


Meet with our Director of Research + Development, Elena Franco, in her Creative Clinic, Contracts + Business, to learn how to protect your work. Join her to improve and refine your contracts, and understand your clients'. She is also available to help you register your business, based on what business entity best matches your goals.


Meet with our Head Producer, Saskia de Borchgrave, in her Creative Clinic, Negotiation + Production MGMT, to take your craft to the next level. Saskia will help you negotiate your budgets, build scope of works for your clients and understand your work's value.


Do I have to take the class to attend the clinic?

No. Our Creative Clinics serve as overarching topics that can help cater to your needs either way, but we recommend checking out the classes as you may find some of your answers there.

Are the Creative Clinics one-on-one sessions?

Multiple Members can join the zoom session, but the call will be divided up to give everyone one-on-one time. We recommend sticking around to listen to other Members as you may learn something new!

I have a question for the instructor that is not related to their class, can I bring it up in their Creative Clinic?

Yes. We are happy to workshop anything we can.

Can I bring a friend to the session?

Unfortunately no. We only have a specific amount of time and we have to prioritise our Members.


The cost of entry to our industry is high enough. Access to affordable education for creatives is essential.


Whether you are self taught or a seasoned professional, our course material will help you monetise your craft, grow your business and turn your dream into an economic reality.


Our digital platform will expand your network, resources and opportunities, by making communication, collaboration and new discoveries easy.

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