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The Gate Keepers

Communal resources make paths to success accessible and attainable. Check out our in-house equipment for free for your next rental.

Included In The Space

Black Gaff Tape
Electric Fan
NEC Tethering Monitor
10ft Ladder
(4) V Flats (8ft x 4ft)
Compact Garment Steamer
(5) Extension cords
(10) Clamps
(2) Vanities
(4) Clothing racks
(2) AV Carts with speaker
(6) 10lbs Sandbags
(11) C Stands 10ft

Available For Free Check-Out

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ARRI 3 (650W) Light Kit
Photo Tripod Magnus VT-400
Assorted Lighting Gels
Fotoflex Octabox - 5’
(2) Profoto Hard Zoom Reflectors
Aputure Light 120d Kit LED Continuous Video Light
ACER Projector MAX 1280x1920
Diffusion Disc - 42’
Profoto Beauty Dish
(3) Profoto D1 500 Kit with AirSync
Tether Tools Tether Pro 15’ mini USB
(1) Umbrella
5-in-1 Reflector - 24”
Softbox - 2’ x 3’ with speedring
Profoto Air Remote

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Terms And Agreement
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*DISCLAIMER: All renters are required to inform management if any equipment or supplies needs to be serviced or replaced, before the start time of their shoot.

  • Our equipment is included for in-house studio use only. Do not take EQ off the premises.
  • By checking out equipment you are held financially responsible for any damages or misplacements while they are checked out under your name.
  • Access to the studio will be suspended until the balance for the damages are paid in full.
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