*Portrait of one of our current Residents, Cole Witter.


We encourage all our Members to schedule equipment training before using our in-house equipment for the first time. Equipment training takes up to an hour and can be used as a simple walk through, or a more in-depth tutorial on how to achieve a desired lighting set up for your shoot.

When scheduling your equipment training, please specify what you want to learn, and/or achieve during your session. The more details we have, the more we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I want to discuss a lighting set up for my next shoot, but I don’t need to use the equipment for my questions, should I book equipment training? No, use our Office Hours for any shoot questions that can be verbally processed.

  2. Can I book equipment training just to have a simple demonstration? Yes, we encourage all Members new to our in-house equipment training to book a demonstration first.