1. I forgot the booking password, can you send it to me? No. The results page from a 100% score is the ONLY way we share the password. This is to ensure that everyone is following the standard procedure, including our staff.

  2. What’s the WIFI? Clinton Hill Wifi - Name: Holyrad | Password: artistsneedspace Soho Wifi - Name: Holyrad | Password: membershavespace

  3. Where are the extension cords? On the AV cart. Request additional cords through Saskia or Daryl. 
    Need to deliver something to the studio? Send Saskia your tracking number and we will keep an eye out for it in the mailroom. 
    Is the private office available for members to use? No.

  4. Can I leave my things in the space overnight? No. We do not provide long-term or short-term storage. Lockers at the Clinton Hill location are available on a first come first serve basis. 

  5. Can I have things delivered to the studio before my shoot date? Yes, but we cannot make a special trip to be there upon arrival. Please keep track of your own tracking number to inform the staff of its arrival. We cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen packages.

  6. Is there a Lost and Found? No. If you leave something at the space staff are not able to open up the space for you. We can not be held accountable for anything you have left or lost. 

  7. I don’t want someone else using my seamless, how do I do that? Either you have to keep it at home or accept that this is a shared space. With this policy we all get more access to more seamless and encourage everyone to be conservative with the usage. #sharingiscaring.

  8. I’m trying to reschedule my shoot and the link in the email is not working? This means that you have missed the deadline for rescheduling and should pass along the cancellation fee to your client. *Manage their expectations by informing them of this policy before they book with you.
    My clients arrive there before the start time, can come into the space? No. Start time is the start time. If you need it to be earlier, book earlier.