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  1. To check-out in-house equipment, members must submit a request with at lease 24 hours prior to the start time of your shoot.

  2. Fill out the Equipment Checkout Form

  3. Confirmation email will be sent to you.

Equipment Checkout Form

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About Equipment Checkout

All members are required to inform management if any equipment or supplies needs to be serviced or replaced, before the start time of their shoot.

Access to the EQ cage is not granted until Holyrad Studio LLC approves your Membership Orientation prior to booking your first shoot.

  • Our equipment is included for in-house studio use only. If you would like to rent equipment for an on-location shoot you can use our 25% discount at CSI Brooklyn or the 10% at Kitsplit.

  • By checking out equipment you are held financially responsible for any damages or misplacements while they are checked out under your name.

  • Access to the studio will be suspended until the balance for the damages are paid in full.

Need help?

For Questions or concerns, please email Saskia here.

If you are interested in learning how to use any of the equipment, please feel invited to book office hours with one of our staff members, Daryl Oh or Saskia de Borchgrave.