*Portrait of one of our current Residents, Cole Witter.

*Portrait of one of our current Residents, Cole Witter.

about CLINTON HILL residency

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Our Clinton Hill Residency is our most competitive and comprehensive program for Members. Ideal for anyone interested in dedicating consistent time to their craft, project, or company. We find the best applications are those that are interested in transitioning into a full time freelance career.

Residency Program ApplicatioN

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Please provide a thorough description of the objectives you have for you and or your work while at Holyrad Studio.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I book 2 full day shoots back to back? No. Maximum rental time is 12 hours at once.

  2. Can I shoot during the night? Yes, it is 24/7 scheduled access.

  3. Can I come use the studio if I have not made a reservation? No. See above.

  4. How do I book studio time? Once approved, Holyrad will send you a payment link. Upon payment, you will receive an email with the Resident specific booking password.

  5. When do I find out if I have been accepted? Resident applications are approved two weeks before the first of the month, until the 1st.

  6. If I have been accepted for Residency this month, will I be guaranteed a spot next month? No. You must apply for the next month. See #5 for details.