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Notion 101

Walk through the process of building your own custom Notion Operating System for bulletproof project mgmt, so that you can cut through the noise and keep you on track with your goals and ensure you never have another task that is disconnected from your own definition of success.

Negotiation 101

Walk through detailed presentations on pricing yourself, creating fair budgets, payment terms, using self-worth as a tool for better negotiation, and how to educate your client on why your budget "seems a bit high."

Contracts 101

Break down the fundamentals of an agreement between client and freelancer. We’ll provide you with a standard template for your own clients, as well as a step by step process to ensuring you have everything covered in that one document.

Business 101

Most artists have never been given the opportunity - or the permission - to learn which entity structures work in their favor. Walk through the different entity structures available to you, why one may suit you more than the other, and the step by step process of registering.

Lighting 101

Being able to decode images is a necessary tool to empower yourself with a better understanding of what lighting set ups achieve what. In each episode of this course we will select an image to decode and recreate it together by learning more about the science behind lighting.


How do I get my questions answered around courses?

Each course has an activity feed where you can post your questions.

Can I speak to the instructor?

Yes! You can join the course instructor's clinic and speak with them directly.

There’s a class I'd like to see, can I make a suggestion?

Yes! Post to our digital platform's activity feed or speak to one of our instructors and make your suggestion.


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