Holyrad Studio’s Orientation ensures that all Members are equipped with the information, knowledge and tools to call this space their own. Please download and read through our Membership Manual, and download and watch our table of contents guided by our Founder Daryl Oh, below.

When you are ready, take our quiz below (it’s open book!). If you score 20/20, your results page will give you your password to book studio time. If you score lower than 100%, it will ask you to re-take the quiz.

Members will not be able to book studio time until they have scored 100% on the orientation quiz.


*Click to download your copy of the Membership Manual


Now you’re ready to take the quiz.
Don’t forget to reference your Membership Manual.



Remember that our 15 minute consultations are available to you. if you have any questions, schedule a time here. you can also Email us here.